This week, in Eddyville, Oregon, what seems like a simple accident, on first sight, turns out to be anything but that, as investigators try to figure out if they're dealing with a serial killer, or an unsophisticated teenager. Not only are their relationships like ropes, but ropes play a big part in these relationships. How do you use a potato for murder purposes? A vicious murder is just the beginning of this twisted tale!! When a 15 year old girl goes missing, she is considered a runaway, but when a close family member also disappears, it seems like a bigger picture is forming. Seemingly out of nowhere, she decides that she wants to die, and asks everyone that she knows to help her, by killing her. Plus, a special short bonus story, at the end, complete with horse vengeance!! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. This week, in La Grande, Oregon, a man threatens to cut a woman's head off during a conversation at a local bar. From Terminator and Titanic to Avatar, these are the best James Cameron Movies ever made, How to watch The Last of Us for free: Stream episode 7 now, UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere. Along the way, we find out asterisks can come in handy, that sometimes people are better off alone, and that ice cream probably tastes better when it's the last thing you'll ever eat!! Investigators have nowhere to look, but luckily for them, the murderers tell plenty of people about what they did. Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! Friends, school, activities, and even a boyfriend. The crime was just plain vicious, and the perpetrators were some of the last people you'd expect to do such a thing until you find out a little more about them. You'll definitely be surprised at the craziness!! Along the way, we find out that the south loves a pageant, that people don't usually kidnap people & their dogs, and that some words have very shifting definitions!! Along the way, we find out that you certainly don't want to set foot in the local spring, that you shouldn't court teenagers when you're in your 70s, and that it isn't as easy to kill someone as you might think!! We check out Canton, Missouri, where a man had a difficult time dealing with rejection, and lashes out in about the most extreme, and vicsious way possible. Along the way, we find out that Washington takes it's timber very seriously, that some people who don't have any friends, also have an awful lot of friends, and your first day on any job shouldn't include finding three dead bodies!! This is a crazy story, that just keeps getting crazier!! This one is an extra helping of crazy You've been warned!! Everyone is shocked when the truth comes out, as the murderer is one of the last people anyone would suspect Until you do a little digging into his background. Along the way, we find out just how toxic a town has to be before people start to leave, how riding a certain bus, in Alabama, in 1961 could be quite dangerous, and why you should never let anyone into your house Ever!! Crime in Sports started in early 2016, and the guys worked their way into the ears and hearts of listeners around the world - in early 2017, Small Town Murder hit the iTunes charts.and let's just hope this isn't grace. Cover ups, shallow graves, and destroyed families follow, leading to some seriously interesting court proceedings. Along the way, we find out that redheads need a festival, too, that hitchhiking in the hills of West Virginia is never a good idea, and that sometimes bad people police themselves brutally! This week, in Burlingame, California, we return for part 2 of the story of a man with a long history of perverted, violent, and downright disturbing behavior works his way through the world, leaving behind a trail of mutilation, and death. Along the way, we find out that some people should be court ordered not to interact with each other, that chicken is in no way a sensual food, and that meth is, indeed, the Gatorade of murder!! This anger turns to an almost cartoon like plot to not only kill, but to dispose of these people in a manner worthy of Looney Toons. And they arent the only podcast personalities with a huge following. The police think they have their man, with a married, sometime boyfriend, with blood in his trunk, until everything changes, when a wild note is sent to the police, with both threats, and valuable info! Its really fascinating what power and money will do to your ego and make you believe you can get away with. Along the way, we find out that Warner Brothers is REALLY picky about copyright infringement, that you should always ask follow up questions, when one of your friends is covered in blood, and that just plain stupid is not considered a mitigating factor!! With that case solved, police begin to ask about another murder Also, it's crazy the people you meet in prison. But could she have actually done all the horrible things that have happened? Why? Along the way, we find out that this town had a very hard time picking out a name, that 10th grade biology class isn't a nightclub, and that once someone has been murdered, getting rid of them is definitely the best course of action!! Along the way, we find out that most of northern Nevada is made up of trailer parks, that some things are just as bad to admit as murder, and that sometimes things don't always end up the way we thought they would!! Mom & Dad point the fingers at each other, but there is one witness, who can put all the pieces together. Along the way, we find out that Basque people can take over a town, that some people's throats just don't need to be cut, and that if you don't want something included in the evidence, you shouldn't have stolen it!! U dramatinom finiu ula je u zadnje kolo sa pola boda prednosti pred drugoplasiranom meunarodnom majstoricom Enom Cvitan, no u zadnjem kolu umor i uzbuenje bilo je preveliko da biimala dovoljno snage da zadri to vodstvo pa je porazom pala na drugu poziciju. His crimes were horrific, but the handling of his cases by the legal system was almost as frustrating. Along the way, we find out that people have strong opinions of their small towns, that if you're going to kill someone, make it worth it, and birds can't be racists, on their own!! That includes a young lady, who he manipulates into killing a man that she used to see, out of pure jealousy. What follows is a twisted road of fabrications, half truths, and complete lies. This one is extremely graphic *******. They also have a normal fondness for murder. This week, in Barnesville, Georgia, a gruesome Christmas Eve discovery has investigators processing a crime scene & doing autopsies on Christmas morning. This is easy enough to do: Just go to the Prime Video page and sign in to your Amazon account. Along the way, we find out 15 is often too young to meet your spouse, that your mother isn't always right, and that your garbage disposal has its limitations! In the end, it's all clear. This week, we look at the rugged town of Sitka, Alaska, where a young couple moved away for adventure & a fresh start, but ended up with one of them being a missing person. Once the research is done, its time to form it into a cohesive podcast that both informs and entertains. A holiday manhunt follows, taking investigators all over the country, before bringing these heartless killers back to jail, and making the electric chair an option!! Digital Trends Media Group may earn a commission when you buy through links on our sites. Along the way, we find out that Hawaii doesn't need any mottos, that how you're raised has a definite impact on your future sicknesses, and that no on that hears this will want to use hair mousse, ever again!! Satan, a black witch, nefarious plots, and rune stone instructions are what follows, turning this into one of the oddest, craziest cases we've covered! Just when you think this one is over More crazy pops up, seemingly from thin air!! There are plenty of leads, but they all seem to cancel each other out. Along the way, we find out that swap meets shouldn't involve motorcycles, that making good money doesn't keep you from sleazy desires & actions, and that destroying the murder scene just makes you look more guilty!! ESPN+ delivers a cornucopia of sports content, including MMA and boxing, to almost any modern streaming device. The events, and aftermath have left this town in shock, and disbelief at one of the most heartless acts possible. This week, we check out the old fashioned town of Eaton, Ohio, where a man's sudden disappearance leads to an investigation that uses some crafty police work to get a confession in the case. Along the way, we find out that people used to be willing to fight over paperwork, that 74 degrees is the perfect temperature for a criminal evacuation, and if you get arrested for murder, don't tell everyone you meet that you did it!! A: Kenny Koretsky is an American professional drag racer who competed in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Josh Allen is an John Landis made millions as a director and actor in Hollywood, eventually becoming one of the wealthiest icons in the film world. He has also earned money from various business ventures he has taken part in. Along the way, we find out that scarecrows are apparently deserving over their own festival, that teenage love shouldn't be this complicated, and that we may have finally found the worst person on earth!! This week, in Flora Vista, New Mexico, a young woman goes looking for a job in broad daylight, then suddenly vanishes, sending the whole area frantically searching. As time went on, so did science, and a history of truly awful acts came into focus. Along the way, we find out that women had it rough in the 1800's, that maybe it isn't a good idea to store half of everything you own in your pick up truck, and that decapitation & field dressing is rarely a suicide!! Its a horrible, bloody mess. This week, in Pavillion, Wyoming, when two wayward souls find each other, it seems like their turbulent lives will finally be settled. But instead of using this for a defense, the killer decides to praise Hitler & make more threats! This week, in Cynthiana, Indiana, a rather routine investigation of a minor crime leads detectives to try to track down a woman, who turns out to be missing. This week, in Marion, Indiana, a woman emerges from a backwoods swampland, filthy, covered in mosquito bites, with her two children, and a tale of unheard of blood lust, and butchery, but oncer the details start to emerge, a slightly different story comes to light. This is a wild one! Along the way, we find out that breakfast is an important meal in the south, that having a vampire name doesn't make you an actual vampire, and when a pair of twins want blood, no one is stopping them!! This is the quintessential small town murder!! This is a wild one!! Research, Whisman says, has leads them from standard archives to a wide variety of other sources, oftentimes taking hours upon hours to compile all the necessary information needed for each episode. Along the way, we find out about the politics of a small town flea market, how simply leaving your DNA on a murder victim can somehow make you a suspect, and that there be nothing creepier than a mannequin!! It's a crazy tale, in a tiny town!! Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! He is best known for hosting the podcast Crime in Sports. He also stars in the show Small Town Murder. Along the way, we find out that some history is best left in the past, that whether the person is alive, or dead, it's still sexual assault, and that it takes a lot to cut a head off!! But when she is found, it's nowhere that anyone would have, or could have looked. This is a wild story!! His statements are brash, and his actions are much worse. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Along the way, we find out that Maine takes their snowmen seriously, small things can turn into deadly things, and he who has the sword, probably did the murdering!! An array of grievances left a man to wanting to kill a particular woman. He is also the owner of K&N Pro Stock Racing, a team that competes in the NHRA. This killer ends us telling them the whole tale of his sordid career as a serial killer. The series is an HBO Max exclusive, meaning you'll have to sign up for this premium streaming platform to stream the show. These questions, and many more, that you never knew you had will be answered on this episode!! This week, in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, an unlikely couple enjoys the good life, full of fun at the lake, and good friends. Along the way, we find out that places exist, even when we've never heard of them, that it's always more suspicious when you murder while driving a van, and how the death row publishing is apparently booming!! It turns into a mess of theories, conspiracies, and stupidity. Family troubles, money troubles, and his wife having an affair with the playboy owner of the local country western bar really push him over the edge. So wild, that it involves mysterious illnesses, suddenly appearing twin sisters, and an armless best friend. Along the way, we find out that railroad work camp is not a privilege, that you can't blame all the world's murder on video games, and that some people just can't be fixed!! This week, we check out the out of the way town of Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, where police use a strategy to gain a confession from what they think is one of the most cold blooded killers they've ever encountered.Along the way, we find out exactly how nice Canadians actually are, how many people one airport can possibly employ, and if staring at a Wal-Mart security camera counts as an alibi. RIGHT??? An outsider? The resulting bloodbath causes many years of court, and a frankly crazy result! Looking for the best way to watch UFC fights online? If you're searching for the best way to watch UFC live streams, you're in the right place. What appears to be a tragic accident, quickly turns into a dirty story about lust, greed, sex, dishonesty, and an absolutely cold blooded killing. Along the way, we find out that the United States fought England more than just the one time, that arms are difficult to saw off, and that fair isn't always right!! Let's just say that his cause of death is one that is rarely given out. After rumors begin to swirl around this small town, the perpetrators of this heinous attack are brought to light, but their fingers are pointing in so many different directions, that it's hard to know who is telling the truth. This week, we take a peek at the run of the mill town of Washington Terrace, Utah, where possibly one of the worst people to ever exist, commits the ultimate acts of depravity, and savagery, while causing the whole world to take notice of the aftermath. It isn't long until they decide who to go after, and that's when two very twisted lives become exposed, and their depravity, and callous disregard for human suffering comes to light! At Pietragallo, results matter most. In the end, the question is, was this a premeditated act of extreme violence, or a case of a swinging night & wild threesome gone wrong? Will Zoloft be the culprit, or the person who did the actual killing? Eventually, 17 affairs cause them to separate, and divorce. Along the way, we find out that Kentucky takes great pride in their hillbilly culture, that a random criminal that you happen to know might not be the best candidate for a murder plot, and that you can't deny your own voice, talking gleefully about murder!! First, a man with a "history of meanness" takes vengeance & violence to a whole new level, with acts that so brazen, it's like he wants to spend the rest of his life in prison. This week, in Raeford, North Carolina, a family in crisis is the perfect prey for a predator, who moves in, and disrupts any potential harmony. Was it her beloved family? It's an insane tale, that should be known by all, and somehow, isn't! 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